Madi’s Story

Monday October 29, 2018

It was our granddaughter Madi’s 5th birthday. A day we will never forget because it was also the day she was diagnosed with cancer.

Madi’s prognosis was terrifying, Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The more we learned, the darker the cloud over us got. Many patients never make it through their treatment and even those who do, face a 50% chance of recurrence in the first five years. Madi spent the next eight months calling Phoenix Children’s Hospital home while fighting a disease she didn’t understand, her mother Ashley protecting her from knowing what was at stake. Fearing over your own morality is a burden no five-year-old child should ever carry.

As each day passed, Madi’s daily life saving treatment became a never-ending torture of needles, chemo and crying as her once beautiful shiny hair fell out in dull brittle clumps. Hiding the worry on all our faces became more difficult as the weeks passed.

Through all the ups and downs, Madi had one bright star to hold on to, a trip to Disney World.

Madi was fortunate enough to become a “WISH KID”. During her fight with cancer, some amazing people with Make-A-Wish Arizona approached Madi’s mother with news of her opportunity to have a wish granted. Madi was asked if she could have any wish in the world what would it be? Madi wished to be well enough to go to Disney World with her family. For Madi, Make-A-Wish Arizona was not just the trip to Disney World, it became her “WHY” to be brave through all those months of being sick during treatments which she absolutely hated but now she endured.

Make-A-Wish Arizona gave Madi something to fight for, something to look forward to. For Madi, believing her dream was going to come true played a huge part in her recovery. The incredible people with Make-A-Wish Arizona were just one of God’s many blessings and answered prayers.

Please join Madi and Ashley for a special shopping event helping make dreams come true for some very special WISH KIDS right here in Arizona on November 4th, 2022, at Sonoran Rose Boutique.